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Българските адверзативни съюзи от типологично гледище

ЗаглавиеБългарските адверзативни съюзи от типологично гледище
Вид публикацияJournal Article
Година на публикуване1996
АвториШик, ИП
СписаниеСъпоставително езикознание / Сопоставительное языкознание / Contrastive linguistics
Ключови думиContrastive Studies; съпоставителни изследвания

The article analyses the linguistic expression one of the basic semantic and semantic-pragmatic adversative relations, sometimes referred to as contrast. On the basis of a specific type of contrastive constructions, expressing so-called correction or repair, the author criticizes the inadequate presentation of the interchangeability of adversative conjunction ами/но in the Bulgarian linguistic literature. The goal is to offer an outline of the uses of the most important coordinating conjunction as lexical indicators of contrast in Bulgarian in a typological comparison with Russian, as a Slavic language, Rumanian, as a Balkan-Romance language, and German.

Код за цитиранеШик1996